For eye care professionals

Why choose ThermalEyes?

Patients presenting with symptoms of dry eye is an every day occurrence in any optometry practice. Standard treatment options include looking at a patients environment and making recommendations such as blinking more and avoiding air conditioning, recommending the use of tear supplements, and applying heat to the eyes (maybe along with massage).

If you currently recommend warm compresses such as a hot flannel, ThermalEyes heat packs are a convenient alternative. Not only does dry heat stay warmer for longer, but it is more convenient for patients as they don’t have to be in the bathroom to use it (and thus, are more likely to follow your recommendations).

As a practising optometrist, I know that patients like buying solutions for their problems. Combined with the purchase of lubricants, a ThermalEyes heat pack is a great add on for dry eye patients to take home and use.

Want to stock ThermalEyes products in your practice? Contact us at or you can order them online here.


Tips for selling ThermalEyes

ThermalEyes heat packs work well as an in-room recommendation. They are easily stored on your desk and can be simply grabbed and used to demonstrate when discussing dry eye treatments. As part of all first-time wholesale orders, we send a ‘demo’ ThermalEyes heat pack for you to use on your own eyes when showing patients what to do.


Do I need to stock ThermalEyes in order to recommend them to my patients?

Not at all! You can also refer your patients to our nifty online store where they can order a ThermalEyes heat pack directly and have it shipped to them in a matter of days.

You can even hand them one of our convenient referral cards, which you can print out here, or contact us at and we'll send you a referral pack.


Testimonial - my experiences

Like many optometrists, I used to approach patients telling me they had ‘dry eyes’ with the standard response: "Try some lubricants and warm compresses like a hot flannel", and then usher them out of the door hoping that would solve their problems. I never proactively asked patients about dry eye... in the words of Sweet Brown "Ain’t nobody got time for that!"

Getting my ocular therapeutics qualifications changed all of that - I rediscovered the forgotten art of meibomian gland expression and was hooked! As a self-confessed squeezer, the sheer joy of poking along a patients eye lids and getting glands to pop open with the awesome goodness of thick, cloudy meibum was like digging for gold!

Not only do I now ask patients about symptoms of dry eye, I actively seek them out... secretly hoping that every eye I poke will have the good stuff and not that lovely clear meibum you know they need in order to have comfortable eyes. 

So, I’m kinda weird... but we’ve all got to have a passion and I’ve finally found mine, which lead me to creating ThermalEyes! I quickly realised that telling patients to make their own heat pack using a sock and rice was a poor substitute to making one for them. Why make your own, when you can buy one ready-to-go from the friendly optometrist who just poked your eyes and diagnosed your dry eye problems! 

My first packs were literally hand sewn using tea towels and patient-free half hours at work, followed by slightly more bulk sewing procedures with my sewing machine and spare material I had floating around home. Whenever I sold one I felt like ‘dinging’ the bell for a sale! But I kept doing it... because I realised patients actually liked me selling them a solution to their problems. Along with lubricants, heat packs have become a standard recommendation for my dry eye patients.